The 6 Most Important Web Metrics to Track for Your Business Website. Visitors. Specifically, I like to focus initially on unique visitors. Referrals. As you get a handle on your visitor numbers, your next question will be, “Where did these people come from?” Bounce Rate. Exit Pages. Conversion Rate. Top 10 Pages. Web Analytics Key Metrics - Learn Web Analytics concepts in simple and easy steps starting from Introduction, Google Analytics, Optimizely, Kissmetrics, Crazy. Google Analytics gives us a lot of valuable metrics and we can even create As a web designer, unique pageviews is important because it lets.


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5 Web Analytics Metrics Demysitified | OnlineMetrics

A brand may ask return customers to leave reviews on goods or services that they have purchased in exchange for a coupon code, web analytics metrics they may ask customers to share a link with their social media.

The bounce rate can be defined as the amount of times new visitors visit the site and then immediately leave it without completing any tasks.


This will be indicated with very little time spent on the website and no interactions. Having a high bounce rate will be indicative of several things, including but not limited to irrelevant or weak sources of traffic and landing pages that are modified for conversion—like landing pages that have low usability, poor design, or load times that are high.

E-commerce website will sometimes refer to bounce rates as abandonment rates—the rate at which a visitor will abandon their shopping cart and not make a purchase.

This can be the result of a checkout process that is too complicated, deals that are expired or irrelevant, or forced cart additions you must add the item to your cart in order to see the actual price of the item.

Blogs will often times see high bounce rates. This is web analytics metrics visitors will tend to only stay on the blog website in order to read one single post and then they will move on.

Lead Generation Costs Cost per Conversion This is the effect of a value per visit, and perhaps one of the more important metrics. If you have a high cost per conversion, it will not matter if your website is bringing in high conversion rates with a high value per visit.

Your website will be cost prohibitive—meaning that your net income will be web analytics metrics or into the negative. When you are trying to increase conversion rates on your website, you will need to keep the cost per conversion in mind, as well as the overall margins.

Simply put, this is when you are not breaking even for what you are paying in order to gain conversion. When this number becomes a problem, take a step back and evaluate where exactly the costs are hurting your brand.

Exit Pages Your website's bounce rates web analytics metrics not totally derived from the home page.

10 of the Most Important Google Analytics Metrics to Track

Often times your brand's final call to action or conversion will be on the second or third page of a web analytics metrics. In order to maximize your conversions, you will need in investigate further into the exits and find out at which stage of the process the visitors web analytics metrics leaving the website or discarding their shopping cart.


It indicates that people come back a few times before they decide to subscribe to your newsletter. The screenshot above make things a bit more clear to you.

The latter is the value that Google Analytics calculates. Web analytics metrics do you think I would subscribe four times to your newsletter?

Web Analytics - Key Metrics

Because there are too many devices and browsers in scope that might devalue this web analytics metric. That goes beyond the scope of this article. The Magic web analytics metrics Universal Analytics: Strategy, Tactics, Implementation Tips by Avinash 4.

Averages are very misleading. Their hard work has resulted in standard definitions for some of the most foundational metrics in our world.