TRIMMER POTENTIOMETERS. • Overlap. Overlap refers to the end portion of the cermet device. Electrodes are printed on a ceramic base and then baked. Trimmer Potentiometers, Potentiometers,Trimmer Potentiometer, Cemet Potentiometer, Rotary Carbon Potentiometer with Pull-Push Switch, Carbo. Number of Turns, Single turn. Resistance Value, 10 Ω ~ 2 MΩ. Power Rating, W(70 ℃), 0 W( ℃). Setting Position, Top, Side, Rear. Surface Mounting  Number of Turns‎: ‎Single turn.


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Customers trimmer potentiometer Bourns for our year history of trimming potentiometer technology innovation and broad range of physical configurations; rugged enough to withstand today's manufacturing environments.

Piher Potentiometer, Trimmer | Rutronik24 Distributor

A trimmer potentiometer is a miniature adjustable electrical component. The resultant trimmer potentiometer therefore has insignificant electrical leakage and is not vulnerable to voltage breakdown.


A more thorough understanding of the invention may be obtained by a study of the following detailed description taken trimmer potentiometer connection with the accompanying drawings in which: Referring now to FIG. Bearings 14 and 15 mounted in the end portions 12 and 13 respectively, rotatably support a helically threaded adjustment shaft A movable contact block 17 is engaged by the adjustment shaft and is adapted to be translated along the central portion 11 of the body between the end portions 12 and 13 upon rotation of shaft An elongated resistance element 20 and an elongated electrical conducting element not shown are mounted side by side on the central portion 11 of the support member Support member 10 is preferably molded trimmer potentiometer cast from a single piece of electrical insulating material, a ceramic such as steatite being a highly suitable material.

The resistance element 20 may be a wire wound resistor, a molded resistor, a deposited layer resistor, or any other suitable type.

A deposited layer type of resistance element which trimmer potentiometer fired on a ceramic base is especially well adapted for use in the embodiment shown. Two of the terminals trimmer potentiometer linked to the ends of the resistive element and the third is connected to a mobile contact moving over the resistive track.

Construction Single - turn, no whirl - stop type The relationship between wiper position angle and resistance Feature of Trimmer Potentiometers By using trimmer potentiometers, it is no problem to set surrounding circuit constant roughly.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This screw rotate the wiper placed inside the pot, which varies the resistance.