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totaliter ve otoriter rejimler For each category Linz provides a list of descriptive features, also supported by several comparative historical examples. Although the argument looks very much structured because of the descriptive elements and categorical comparisons, it also becomes very rigid and reductionist in interpreting variations in each category.

Unfortunately, totaliter ve otoriter rejimler is not the real case in Turkey. Oppositional parties are weak and not ambitious enough to govern Turkey. The military is not a political actor anymore this might be considered as a good development normally and civilian supremacy is internalized by the very high majority of people after the failed coup attempt on July 15, But now there are plans to build a new highway between Moscow and St.

The first stretch, which leads to Moscow's Sheremetyevo international airport, is already open. As totaliter ve otoriter rejimler toll road, however, it is hardly getting used, despite the relatively low charges.

Russia's drivers believe it is a government rip-off and prefer sitting in traffic jams on the old road. The Russians may honor their actors and poets far more than the Germans do theirs, but they take a skeptical view of the truly creative people, who, in their own way, try to advance the debate about the future direction of the country.

Tayyip Erdoğan Diktatör müdür? | Ahmet İnsel | Birikim Dergisi

Writer Boris Akunin sells millions of books, but he lives outside the country because he can't stand his government's politics. The same is true of fellow writer Vladimir Sorokin, who was long harassed by political organizations close to the government.

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Internationally renowned director Kirill Serebrennikov has also been pressured, with police units recently having stormed his theater. His ballet "Nureyev" at the Bolshoi Theater was canceled three days before its premiere after having faced heavy resistance from conservative politicians.

The cancellation also affected me, because I had managed to totaliter ve otoriter rejimler one of the hard-to-get Bolshoi tickets for that evening.

Totaliter ve Otoriter Rejimler - Juan José Linz - Google книги

Such overreach bothers only a small number of Russians. Apart from a few voices in the Moscow intelligentsia, there are no protests. He merely discovered things that already existed and factored them into his calculations. Fear of personal responsibility?

Totaliter ve otoriter rejimler - Juan José Linz - Google книги

Marginalization of people who think differently? Feelings of inferiority toward the rest of the world?


These are traits against which the state should be acting. Instead the government strengthens them, because it is useful for it.