Table of contents of Ten Years Later. by Alexandre Dumas père. THE LETTER; THE MESSENGER; THE INTERVIEW; FATHER AND SON; WHICH TREATS OF. The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later (Le Vicomte de Bragelonne ou Dix ans plus tard) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It is the third and last of the. Ten Years Later. Alexandre DUMAS ( - ). After The Three Muskateers and Twenty Years After the adventurous story of Athos, Porthos.


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Toward the end of the volume, in reference to an act of elegant public humiliation staged by Madame in revenge against the King, Dumas sums up the difference in the spirit of the age: Let ten years later dumas not be supposed, however, that Madame possessed such terrible passions as the heroines of the middle ages, or that she regarded things from a pessimistic point of view; on the contrary, Madame, young, amiable, of cultivated intellect, coquettish, loving in her nature, but rather from fancy, or imagination, or ambition, than from her heart—Madame, we say, on the contrary, inaugurated that epoch of light and fleeting amusements, which distinguished the hundred and twenty years that intervened between the ten years later dumas of the seventeenth century, and the last quarter of the eighteenth.

His efforts will eventually bear fruit in The Man in the Iron Mask. The erratic Buckingham is madly in love with the princess and can scarcely conceal it, while Guiche soon finds himself equally smitten.


Philippe, though little attracted to women, becomes horribly jealous of Buckingham and has him exiled after the wedding. Fearing a tarnishing of Louise's reputation by affairs at court, Raoul seeks ten years later dumas marry her.

The king, however, refuses to sanction the marriage because Louise is of inferior social status, and so marriage is delayed.

Meanwhile, the struggle for power begins between Fouquet and Colbert. Meanwhile, Aramis meets the governor of the Bastille M. Aramis uses this secret to persuade the dying general of the Jesuits to name him his successor.

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ten years later dumas To avoid her new husband being jealous Henrietta suggests that the king choose a young lady at court to act as a smokescreen for their flirtation.

That same night Henrietta hears de Guiche confess his love for her to Raoul. The two pursue their own love affair.

Ten Years Later by Alexandre Dumas - Free Ebook

Aware of Louise's attachment, the king sends Raoul to England indefinitely as a diplomatic envoy. Rumours of the king's love affair cause friction with de Wardes, who has inherited from his father a hatred of d'Artagnan and all those associated with him.

Ten years later dumas Guiche is forced to fight a duel with him and is defeated and seriously wounded.

The incident is the last straw for Madame Henrietta who resolves to dismiss Louise from her service as Maid of Honour. The king dissuades Henrietta, but she prevents the king from seeing Louise.


On his return to France, Raoul is heartbroken to discover Louise in the arms of the king. Athos finds out everything and spits his contempt at Louis XIV. The young King orders Athos's imprisonment, but D'Artagnan convinces him to release him. Only a very few people living at the start of the novel know of Ten years later dumas existence; these include his mother, Anne, and her former confidante, the Duchesse de Chevreuse.

Chevreuse has let the secret slip to Aramis when they had an affair.

'Ten Years Later' - written by Alexandre Dumas

Aramis plots to replace Louis with Philippe as a puppet ruler for himself and Fouquet, and even intends to become in turn the next Pope.

Through an elaborate subterfuge mounted by Ten years later dumas, Philippe replaces a prisoner due for release from the Bastille and escapes to Vaux. Meanwhile, Fouquet is throwing a lavish party for Louis at Vaux.