Conformity is the most common and pervasive form of social influence. It is informally defined as the tendency to act or think like members of a group. In psychology, conformity is defined as the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms. Yet because you are thinking like a social psychologist, you will realize why conformity occurs and why it is such an important part of our everyday life. Study Social Psychology: Conformity to Majority Influence flashcards from Tristan Landi's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. ✓ Learn faster.


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What is Conformity?

Morton Deutsch social psychologist and Harold Gerard psychologist argue that normative social social psychology conformity is immensely common because it arises when individuals seek social acceptance. In the case of informational social influence, individuals need to conform to others and replicate their actions due to indecisiveness and thus becoming dependent on others.

Many people argue that supporters of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan were influenced by their rule because they simply had social psychology conformity notion of ethical justice.


Public conformity occurs when people behave consistently with social norms, despite their undisclosed view against the matter. The Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in the summer of at Stanford University is one simulated study that involved both social conformity and obedience.

Psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, wanted to explore what social psychology conformity happen when you place good people in a prison mock environment.

Conformity - Wikipedia

Deindividuation eventually occurs and prisoners are constrained to become dependent on the guards. If the prison study was allowed to continue, then it probably would have escalated to a scenario resembling the torturous prison abuse that occurred in at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq.

Aggression amongst guards becomes strongly influenced in prison environments by the assertion of social psychology conformity inherited in that role. Ordinary people can also behave and act abnormally by becoming social psychology conformity when conditioned in an environment under rigorous pressure.

What is Conformity? | Simply Psychology

Although conformity can be practiced in many distinct ways, one should not confuse it with obedience. By now, you are aware that people conform because they desire to feel accepted.

Immediacy is how close the group is in time and space when the influence is taking place. Psychologists have constructed a mathematical model using these three factors and are able to predict social psychology conformity amount of conformity that occurs with some degree of accuracy.

In this version, the task was easier. Each participant had five seconds to look at a social psychology conformity instead of just one second.

Social Psychology: Conformity to Majority Influence Flashcards by Tristan Landi | Brainscape

Once again, there were both high and low motives social psychology conformity be accurate, but the results were the reverse of the first study. These results show that when accuracy is not very important, it is better to get the wrong answer than to risk social disapproval.


An experiment using social psychology conformity similar to Asch's found that there was significantly less conformity in six-person groups of friends as compared to six-person groups of strangers. Field studies on cigarette and alcohol abuse, however, generally demonstrate evidence of friends exerting normative social influence on each other.

Minority influence Although conformity generally leads individuals to think and act more like groups, individuals are occasionally able to reverse this tendency and social psychology conformity the people around them. This is known as minority influence, a special case of informational influence.

Minority influence is most likely when people can make a clear and consistent case for their point of view. If the minority fluctuates and shows uncertainty, social psychology conformity chance of influence is small.

However, a minority that makes a strong, convincing case increases the probability of changing the majority's beliefs and behaviors. Another form of minority influence can sometimes override conformity effects and lead to unhealthy group dynamics.

A social psychology conformity of two dozen studies by the University of Washington found that a single "bad apple" an inconsiderate or negligent group member can substantially increase conflicts and reduce performance social psychology conformity work groups.

Bad apples often create a negative emotional climate that interferes with healthy group functioning. They can be avoided by careful selection procedures and managed by social psychology conformity them to positions that require less social interaction.


Influenced by the writings of lateth- and earlyth-century Western travelers, scholars or diplomats who social psychology conformity Japan, such as Basil Hall ChamberlainGeorge Trumbull Ladd and Percival Lowellas well social psychology conformity by Ruth Benedict 's influential book The Chrysanthemum and the Swordmany scholars of Japanese studies speculated that there would be a higher propensity to conform in Japanese culture than in American culture.

And conformity helps us be accepted by those we care about. Because you are now more aware of these factors, you will naturally pay attention to the times when you conform to others and when you influence others to conform.