SCJPByNagaraju · Java 2 Sun Certified Programmer & Developer - Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates · J2EE Projects Black Book · SCJP · Java Interview Questions. From Oracle Press--the definitive, bestselling guide to the #1 certification for Java programmers, written and revised by the co-developers of the original SCJP. So it can be useful to determine which resources are useful (and which are not). Hope it helps! Kind regards, Roel. SCJA, SCJP ( | | 6).


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SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide [Book]

Really if I was writing serious Java software, I would probably use Calendar for date arithmetic needs. I don't think it will help me land a Java job as everyone seems to want Scjp tutorial kathy sierra experience prior to even giving you an interview.

But if I ever do get an interview, the knowledge I gained from preparing the exam would definitely help me to better answer the questions though I'm sure a lot of the specific API details will fade with time.

Also now I feel more confident with Java. Still I can't say that I can just whip up a Java program on the white board that fully works because the API is very complex. A language scjp tutorial kathy sierra C is pretty small, include stdio.


Also with expressions there are a ton of rules, promotions, casting, autoboxing, etc. Though C has precedence hell, with the right parenthesis you can get away with a lot.

Java is more strict on things ie if 0 is an error. But the exam is worth it just for some additional trivia, although the exam is a bit frustrating, and if you look at the book it pretty much tells you scjp tutorial kathy sierra the exam deliberately picks tricky questions and edge cases in an attempt to confuse you.

If you buy a certification book recommended be prepared to read your chosen study book 3 times.

Book Review : SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Exam Guide

In the Drag and Drop type questions, the answer gets reset if you try to review it. So, always complete and double scjp tutorial kathy sierra your answer before moving away from a Drag and Drop question. It would be helpful to solve Drag and Drop questions on a sheet of paper before actually attempting them in the test.

The revised exam has more performance-based questions than knowledge-based questions requiring memorization of API details.

Ocp Java Se 7 Programmer Study Guide by Kathy Sierra

But after trying a couple of mock exams, it came out scjp tutorial kathy sierra not all topics are covered enough. Particularly, these are RowSets, RandomAccessFile and some other rarely used things that can make tricky questions. Jan 24, Atendra rated it it was amazing good book.