Well, former GM factory worker and writer Ben Hamper doesn't have to imagine Howie Makem; he experienced him. And he writes all about it. Rivethead - Ben Hamper. Down and out memoirs of a line assembly worker for GM Motors over the s. In amongst co-workers going postal. Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line [Ben Hamper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The man the Detroit Free Press calls a blue collar.


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And he writes all about it and other assorted hijinks in his hilarious and yes, thought-provoking memoir, Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line.

Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line: Ben Hamper: : Books

Hamper wanted to be an ambulance driver and later a disc jockey, but with a less than stellar educational record and a family to support, Hamper reluctantly applied at the Flint GM plant where rivithead ben hamper ended up squeezing rivets hence the name of the book. At Rivithead ben hamper Hamper had a job, not a career.

It was a place rivithead ben hamper earn a paycheck, a paycheck Hamper fully reveals he often used to pay for nights at his favorite bar and punk records. The assembly line was hot, repetitive, stifling, noisy, greasy and often mind-numbingly boring.

Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line by Ben Hamper

To break up the monotony of their rivithead ben hamper, Hamper and his co-workers came up with all kinds of shenanigans—racing to the drinking fountains, feeding the factory mice Cheetos, skeet shooting Milk Duds.

Howie Makem may have begun as just another Company ploy to prod the tired legions, but most of us ran with the joke and soon Howie evolved into a crazy phenomenon.

To cope with his job and Howie MakemHamper turned to writing, which had been a passion of rivithead ben hamper since he was a teenager.


Soon Moore got a job as editor of the notable Mother Jones magazine. Hamper thusly became a minor celebrity.

Being an unpretentious guy, Hamper is humored rivithead ben hamper the idea of celebrity. But before he could become the Hunter S Thompson of the lunch pail crowd, Hamper had to deal with some more serious issues with both his health and his tenure with GM.

Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line

All of this led to Hamper writing Rivethead, probably one of the best memoirs I have ever read. Hamper writes in way that is fearless and funny.


The scheme went like this: A partner was hitting rivets down the other side at the same time. So, partner 1 would nap, read, drink, etc. The only tricky part was that partner 1 had to stamp out rivithead ben hamper time cards at the end of the shift, which was a firing offense.


But, with forgiving supervisors and fulfilled quotas, Hamper never got too far into trouble. As long as the line kept moving.

Retro Review: Rivethead-Tales from the Assembly Line by Ben Hamper | thebookselfblog

On the side, Hamper started writing a column for the Flint Voice one of those blessed alt-weekliesthen under the editorship of Michael Moore, another Rivithead ben hamper native. He wrote longhand on scraps of cardboard right on the assembly floor, while his double-shift partner hammered away.

When Moore decamped for San Francisco to take the helm of Mother Jones, he syndicated Hamper's column and rivithead ben hamper him on the cover, attempting to bring the liberal intellectual press back to the concerns of the working man.

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  • ~ "Destroying a book is like destroying the whole world." – Diana Reid "Criminal Minds"

He was born in FlintMichiganto a family that had many former employees of General Motors amongst its members. He has also worked as a correspondent on several of Moore's television projects.

This program aired rivithead ben hamper local community access and documented the Flint underground music scene from to The show rivithead ben hamper on his extensive collection of obscure soul and funk records and can be heard Friday evenings between 9 and 11 pm ET via the station's audio stream.