Required Reading: HEYWOOD, Andrew. Political Ideologies. 5th edition. Palgrave Macmillan. HEYWOOD, Andrew) Politologie. Nakl. A.Čeněk. Nikola Chudobová to CEVRO Institut. · May 4, ·. Drazí spolužáci nemáte někdo doma knížku od Heywooda: Politologie na půjčení?? |:)) Zn.: Spěchá! Title, Politologie. Author, Andrew Heywood. Translated by, Zdeněk Masopust. Publisher, Eurolex Bohemia, ISBN, ,


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Political parties, party systems, interest groups - formation, function and typology of political parties; party systems according to Duverger, Sartori and Blondel politologie heywood Elections and electoral systems Theories of democracy and models of interest intermediation polyarchy, pluralism, corporatism, consociation democracy Mastering the presented subject-matter; equivalent of the presented politologie heywood can be studied independently from the assigned academic literature; it is also possible to generally follow the PowerPoint presentations from lectures available on the T disk or on the Portal.

Globalization and global politics Process of postcommunist transformation in Eastern Europe.

Theories of Private Property: Ownership and Social Justice

The Internet and politologie heywood Shaping the internet in China: Postmaterialist values and the erosion of industrial authority, [in: Alegerile locale prin ochii societatii civile, Institutul Ovidiu Sincai, Bucuresti.

Institutul pentru Politici Publice. Alegerile locale prin ochii societatii civile, I. Political Parties, the Politologie heywood and the General Election: Building an Architecture of Participation?

Political Parties and Web 2.

Dynamika procesów globalizacji (1 rok) - Uniwersytet Warszawski - USOSweb

The promise and practice of public debate in cyberspace, [in: Issues of Theory and Practice, K. Diffusing power or concentrating control: Internet subcultures and oppositional politics, [in: Internet campaigning and participation, http: Assessing the potential of Internet political participation in the United States: Which public goods are endangered?

Beyond politologie heywood Arab Street: Iraq and the Arab public sphere, [in: Virtual Parties in a Virtual World. Citizens, Voters and Activists, S. politologie heywood


The third way of argumentation is offered by the consequentialist theories of ownership. The mainstream argument is based on the Aristotelian-Thomistic argument that the private ownership motivates the owner to care about his own with greater tendency and interest.

Politologie heywood, the managerial revolution within corporate capitalism shows that ownership is not directly linked to efficiency, and therefore the private ownership can be replaced by other forms of ownership, especially the cooperative ownership which I defend as the social just alternative to the classical private property models.

Politologie heywood Justice in the Liberal State.

Dynamika procesów globalizacji (1 rok)

Values and Collective Decision-Making. Comprehensive, theoretically grounded and impressively integrated, Heywood's thoughtful and politologie heywood introduction has the potential to change how international relations is taught. Including pedagogical features highlighting politologie heywood thinkers and concepts, this text clarifies the fundamental debates and issues at stake in global political affairs.