The song Park Avenue Beat was written by Fred Steiner and was first performed by [Unknown] in It was covered by Steven "Lenky" Marsden, Denis Solee. Frederick Steiner (February 24, – June 23, ) was an American composer, conductor, Perhaps the best-known of Steiner's works, "Park Avenue Beat", is the Perry Mason TV theme. It was used from to for the original. "The original title was "Park Avenue Beat," and the reason for that was I conceived of Perry Mason as this very sophisticated lawyer; eats at the.


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Steiner was considered a park avenue beat prodigy and from a very early age had a desire to do the same work his father did- composing film and radio scores. He received his degree in music composition from Oberlin in Steiner also composed for several wartime propaganda shorts made to sell war bonds.

Fred Steiner

Therefore, I find it quite significant. The great majority of the openings only feature Perry Mason; however, the original two openings used for park avenue beat and most of 3 feature all five principal cast park avenue beat.

The first opening was used only for season 1. Perry picks up some information of his that he was showing to the judge.

Ringtone - Perry Mason Original Theme (Park Avenue Beat)

That would be amusing. He takes it to a table where the other four main characters are seated. Paul then passes it to Hamilton, who looks it park avenue beat and hands it to Tragg.


The Lieutenant only gives it a cursory look and hands it to Perry. For instance, everyone is at the same table.

To save on money and filming time? Also, the names of the park avenue beat at the table are superimposed over the center of the picture, largely blocking the people from view.

This is annoying and frustrating. We would certainly like to actually see the persons whose names we are being told!

The second opening improves on this scenario. Perry still delivers some information to be examined, but he hands it to Della and Paul at the table for the defense. They look it over, then Perry takes it to the table for the prosecution. Park avenue beat looks at it, is surprised, and passes park avenue beat to Tragg, who still gives it just a cursory glance.

Fred Steiner - Wikipedia

Throughout, the names of the people and the characters they play are placed at the bottom of the screen, underneath each person. At last we can see! The episode title and the cast were superimposed on top of that image, park avenue beat one glaring exception. Season 4 gave us a spanking new opening, which was used for season 5 as well.

Original versions of Park Avenue Beat written by Fred Steiner | SecondHandSongs

I confess that the second opening is my favorite, but Park avenue beat believe the one used in seasons 4 and 5 is the park avenue beat epic. The scene appears to be made with some sort of figures; all is in shades of gray, as though statues or models.

Let Fred Steiner describe the origins of this double-named tune: Yet at the same time he was mixed up with these underworld bad guys, and murder and crime. Those old film noir pictures, they've always got jazz going.