Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jun 1, , Kelli R. Paquette and others published Using Open-Mind Portraits as a Springboard to Expository Text. Open-Mind Portrait Strategy (Tompkins, ) would help develop her students' With the open-mind portrait technique, children draw inside an outline. “Open-Mind Portraits” (50 Literacy Strategies pg. 77) Students analyze a character from a text and use a copy of the characters open mind as a template to draw.


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Below are the open mind portrait Make a portrait of a character. Draw and color a large portrait of the head and neck of the character. This portrait illustrates Sarah's face, then it shows what objects, events, or people were important to her at a certain point in the book.

Open-Mind Portrait

For example Cara was angry when her Mother and Father got divorced, write on the mind side of the picture what she may have been thinking or how she may have been feeling during this time. This is where the thoughts will be written. This gives students a chance to connect with the character and book.

Is completed using color markers, crayons, open mind portrait paint.


Upper Saddle River, NJ: Projector to show an example Completed portrait to show as an example Page numbers listed to indicate the different sections they need to represent, copies open mind portrait give to each group Lined paper to brainstorm Construction paper for each student to create their portrait plus 3 pieces of regular paper to put behind their first drawing Stapler Markers, crayons, colored pencils Lesson Objective: Students will describe changes in thoughts and feelings of the main character, Charlie Gordon, in Flowers for Algernon, with visual and written representation.

Each student will create their own portrait, and after working in groups will have a completed portrait showing changes in personality of the main character Charlie Gordon before surgery, right after surgery and after the operation has failed.

Students will show what they have open mind portrait through visual and written representation on each page of their portrait.

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What is Happening in the Lesson Classroom Management expected length of this part: What are your behavior expectations for them open mind portrait how will they know these? How will you manage time, materials, and transitions?

What routines, language, rules of engagement, etc.

Open mind portrait

What is Being Said in the Lesson Clearly script what you will say to help students understand your open mind portrait for the lesson.

We will start by moving the desks into groups of either 4 or 5 students.

In order to remind them about behavior expectations, I will put the responsibility on them: I know you can behave well and I expect you to give me respect while we are doing this activity today. Forster, I expect you to pay attention and engage in your group conversations, so please keep the unrelated side conversations out today since we have a lot to do!

I will respond to questions and answers by calling on students with raised hands. My mentor open mind portrait does open mind portrait and it will be easier to communicate using this method.