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The drawing of a short, squat turtle ninja turtles comics a mask with nunchakus ninja turtles comics to its arms was humorous to the young artists, as it played upon the inherent contradiction of a slow, cold-blooded reptile with the speed and agility of Japanese martial arts.

Laird suggested that they create a team of four such turtles, each specializing in a different weapon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Marvel Comics ' The New Mutantswhich featured teenage mutants, Cerebuswhich featured anthropomorphic animals, Roninand Daredevilwhich featured ninja clans dueling for ninja turtles comics of the New York City underworld.

The name " Splinter " ninja turtles comics parodied Daredevil's mentor, a man known as " Stick. Instead they went with Renaissance artists, and picked the four they were most familiar with, with the help of Laird's copy of Janson's History of Art. The full page advertisement in CBG helped gain the attention of retailers and jump-started their early sales.

Because of the CBG's newspaper format, many were disposed of, making it a highly sought-after collector's item today.

Ninja Turtles Comics

The book premiered in May at a comic book convention in Ninja turtles comics, New Hampshire. It was printed in an oversized, magazine-style format using black and white artwork on cheap newsprint and had a print run of only 3, copies.

It was a period of intense speculation in comic book investment, with especially strong interest in black and white comics from independent companies. The first printings of the original TMNT comics had small print runs that made ninja turtles comics instant collector items.

Within months, the books were trading at prices over 50 times their cover price. The success also led to a black and white comics boom in the mids,[ citation needed ] wherein other small publishers put out animal-based parody books hoping to make a quick profit.

ninja turtles comics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Mirage Studios) - Wikipedia

Most of them were sold to comic shops in large numbers, but failed to catch on with readers. This speculation led to financial problems with both comic shops and distributors, contributing to a sales collapse in — The "Return to New York" story arc concluded in the ninja turtles comics of and by this time the Ninja Turtles phenomenon was well established in other media.

Ninja turtles comics and Laird then found themselves administrating an international merchandising juggernaut, overseeing a wide array of licensing deals.

This prevented the two creators from participating in the ninja turtles comics work of writing and illustrating a monthly comic book. For this reason, many guest artists were invited to showcase their unique talents in the TMNT universe.

The breadth of diversity found in the various short stories had the adverse effect of somewhat disrupting continuity and gave the series a disjointed, anthology-like feel. Issue 45 kicked off a major turning point, as Mirage made a concerted effort to return the series to continuity.

A part story arc entitled "City at War" began with issue 50, which was ninja turtles comics first issue to be completely written and illustrated by both Eastman and Laird ninja turtles comics issue Both "City at War," and Volume 1 concluded with the publication of issue 62 in August Written and illustrated by Jim Lawsonthe series lasted only thirteen issues before ceasing publication in October The cancellation was due to declining popularity and lagging sales as well as a flood at Mirage Studios.

Cover art by Frank Fosco and Erik Larsen. Erik Larsen came to the series in Junewith the publication of a third volume under the Image Comics banner.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Digital Comics - Comics by comiXology

The 23 issues were written by Gary Carlson and drawn by Frank Fosco, and marked the return to black and white artwork. This volume was notable for having a faster pace and more intense action while inflicting major physical changes on the Turtles themselves; Leonardo losing a hand, Raphael's ninja turtles comics being scarred, Splinter becoming a ninja turtles comics, and Donatello becoming a cyborg.

In a startling plot twist, Raphael even took on the identity of The Ninja turtles comics and assumed leadership of the Foot. With Volume 3, the Turtles were incorporated into the Image universewhich provided opportunities for a few crossovers and guest appearances by characters from the Savage Dragon series.