The lesson examines one of the key clauses of the Magna Carta, still part of English law today, and provides students with the concepts and language required. KS2 History lesson plans, worksheets and teachers' resources looking the history of the Magna Carta and the events that led to King John signing the document. Eight hundred years after Magna Carta was sealed, we share useful lesson plans and ideas to engage students in its legacy.


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The Magna Carta Trust is also giving primary schools a timeline wallchart and newspaper chronicle charting years in the fight for freedom and rights.

Magna Carta Lesson Plan |

Use these resources to help students create a Magna Carta of their own. Tear around the edges of a piece of paper, soak it in cold coffee or tea and then hang it up to dry. It includes eight lesson magna carta lesson across a range of curriculum areas including history, art, computing and English, that teachers can dip into or use magna carta lesson full.


There are great learning and teaching ideas for key stage 3 here by the Magna Carter Project, including a mock trial activity magna carta lesson students in groups assume the role of rebel barons to sit in judgement on King John.

Get students magna carta lesson identify how it is reflected in the lives and work of these famous individuals. Alternatively, ask students to research how groups, such as the chartists or suffragettes, or documents such as the US Bill of Rights or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, were influenced by the charter.

As a debate or essay topic, can upper secondary students explain why Magna Carta has been described as the most valuable export of Great Britain to the rest of the world? And what about its contemporaries? This activity from the British Library explores the significance of Magna Carta to the lives of people in the 13th century.

Even though Magna Carta was annulled by the pope after just three months, why do pupils think it was retained, reissued and referred to in no less than 59 legal cases and several chronicles in the 13th century?

How to teach Magna Carta | Teacher Network | The Guardian

Students can present their ideas in a cartoon strip or short video. One of the original magna carta lesson of Magna Carta that remains part of English Law today is the right to justice.

But many other values that can be traced back to Magna Carta — such as freedom of expression, equal opportunities and respect for diversity — are under threat.

Connect the document to later pieces of legislation. Length 30 minutes for the video and discussions, magna carta lesson 1 hour for the activity Materials For the activity, Copies of the Magna Carta.

One source for the Magna Carta is this link: Also, how does the idea of the Magna carta lesson of Clarendon challenge the idea of double jeopardy? Finally, why would the king want to try people in royal courts? How do you think our perspective of him has been altered by the Magna Carta?

How to teach ... Magna Carta

What about by the tales of Robin Hood? Activity Split your class into small groups of students each.

Have each group read and discuss one magna carta lesson the following sections of the Magna Carta, then ask them to present a summary of their section to the class in brief presentations.