BANGLADESH: A LEGACY OF BLOOD. by MASCARENHAS, Anthony. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. This is a book written by Anthony Mascarenhas, a renowned Journalist of Pakistan in He became a villain in pakistan by writing about. Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood [Anthony Mascarenhas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a book written by Anthony Mascarenhas.


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Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood - Anthony Mascarenhas - Google книги

Written in 13 chapters and an index, the book also contains a list of officers convicted by General Court Martial and hanged for the assassination of President Ziaur Rahman. In a November preface to the book, Mascarenhas writes: On the 16th of December,the state of Bangladesh population 70, was born at the end of a nine-month liberation struggle in which more than a million Bengalis of the erstwhile East Pakistan died at the hands of the Pakistan army.

But one of the 20th century's great man-made disasters is also legacy of blood bangla the greatest of its human triumphs in legacy of blood bangla of a people's will for self-determination.


It is based on my close personal knowledge of the main protagonists; on more than separate interviews with the men and women involved legacy of blood bangla the dramatic events; and on official archives and documents which I had the privilege to inspect personally.

The dialogue, whenever used, is a faithful reproduction of the words which my informants said they actually used during the events in which they were involved.

Bangladesh: A Legacy of Blood

There may be an earlier printing in Army officers and soldiers, according to the writer, heard something from leftists and without digging deep into it they just went on into coups and legacy of blood bangla bangali' we do the same now!

I know leftist who want revolution everyday, on almost every occasion. It's almost like they don't know what it takes and what it actually means- just like those mutineers of our military.

And the book also showed how impatient we are as a nation. We gave the Father just 3 years and a half to get things right in a war-torn country.

The brutal murder of him and his family members remained unpunished for 39 years! It shows how ungrateful we are as a people, and how messed up our law and order has been from the legacy of blood bangla.

True, Sheikh Mujib was naive, he made many mistakes when he started off to run the country but did he legacy of blood bangla to be murdered like that?

ANd did things actually get better after that? Bangladesh lost her Four Great Leaders on 3rd November that year, from 3rd November to 7th- Bangladesh practically remained government-less, there were 19 attempted coups during Zia's regime, the 20th killed him.


The first decade of Bangladesh taught us corruption- our leaders institutionalized corruption for their own hunger for absolute power. It destroyed the dream of Sonar Bangla. We forgot to live legacy of blood bangla and only learned to save our own backs even if it meant at the cost of another's life- the hanging of soldiers by Zia, the murders of civilians by government backed goons during Mujib's reign- these as if subconsciously taught us to be conscience-less.