Karthika Masam belongs to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Tulasi. It is said that he who performs daily Shiva Pooja this month will attain g: english ‎| ‎Must include: ‎english. - A brief introduction to the Kartika Puranam and a Sage explains the process of Karthika Vratham to be observed on Kartika Somvaram. Karthika Puranam In English Free Download. July 3, New English Movies Online Hd. June 30,


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Karthika Masam: Karthika Puranam for Salvation!

Important poojas observed are Ksheerabdhi dwadasi, Ekadasi,karthika deepam or karthika pournami Pooja, lighting lamps near sacred TulasiKota plant and doing Nitya poojas to goddess Tulasi and karthika puranam in english Vishnu and Shivasahasranamams, chanting shiva stotras once in a day, Monday fastings and meditating to Lord Shiva.

Due to "kaaladharmam", and with our own regular life taking over us, we are finding it difficult to follow each and every ritual, mentioned in Karthika Puranam. But if we can at least practice few of the rituals and do simple Pooja, keeping our homes and mind clean and occupied by God's karthika puranam in english.

During this time, Lord Shiva killed Tripurasuras on Karthika pournami day and protect the world from destruction.

Karthika Masam notes that river Ganga merges into all rivers, ponds, canals, and wells and makes as pure as her Ganga.

It is a whole month festival and poojas are conducted and observed for the full month.


People citing many reasons cannot perform for the whole month which is 30 days should at least observe prayers for a minimum of 10 days. They are initial starting five days of Karthik Masam and 5 days before pournima.

Kartika Puranam - The Holy Epics from the Hinduism -

These 10 days are very significant days. There is no sacred month like Karthik Masam, there is no God similar to Lord Vishnu and there is no scripture like Vedas and no river like Ganga, as per our Puranas.

Lord Vishnu's is so dear to this karthika puranam in english and he also grants both worldly wishes and also gives Moksha Salvation. Rituals and Karthik Masam: Chanting the holy name of Lord Vishnu takes over to all other rituals. If anybody performs even few minutes of worship to Lord Shri Hari, he even karthika puranam in english his own abode as a blessing.

Offering Lord Vishnu the oil lamps or deepams, flowers, your anger, food, etc. The significance of Deepa dhanam is mentioned in Padma Puranam where a mouse, due to its hunger tried to eat ghee from the lamp offered to Lord Vishnu by devotees.

Kartika Puranam

But the ghee wick stuck to its teeth and since the wick had aflame, the mouse could not bear the heat and started jumping in- front of the Lord's Deity idol and died due to the fire.

But Lord Vishnu accepted the jumping of that mouse with a fire lit ghee wick in her mouth as "Aarathi" to him and he granted liberation which is the highest destination. Such is the greatness of Deepa Dhanam.

Even a karthika puranam in english lamp lit to the God in karthika puranam in english month with devotion, destroys all sins piled by them equaling yugas.

It is the best gift we can offer to God and the person who lights lamps with sesame oil til to Lord Shri Hari during Sandhya time is blessed with endless beauty, blessedness, unlimited prosperity and wealth.

A huge beacon is karthika puranam in english on the holy hill 'Arunachala' located in South India. He took a gigantic form hence they could not find the exact location. It is at this time, Lord Shiva takes the form of a Jyothi light of fire on karthika puranam in english hill of 'Thiruvannamalai', where today they celebrate this festival as "Annamalai Deepam".

Karthika Puranam In English Free Download | mysite

A special torch is lighted on the peak of the hill and it is believed that Lord Shiva's Jyothi is visible on karthika puranam in english day.

Bathing in rivers in Karthika Masam is not only considered holy but also has significant scientific and medical benefits.

Rivers receive fresh waters from the rainy season covering Shravan and Bhadrapada Masam's and overflow banks, it is hence prohibited to take bath in rivers in those months. But the river totally karthika puranam in english with the start of Karthika Masam. In Sharad Ruthuvu, the moon plays an important role.

This Ruthuvu covers both the Aswayuja and Karthika Masam.