At 14, Grace Reeves leaves home to work for her mother's former employers at Riverton House. She is the same age as Hannah, the. I love stories in which the house is more than a setting, becoming a The House at Riverton is one of the most successful debuts of all time. Summary and reviews of The House at Riverton by Kate Morton, plus links to a book excerpt from The House at Riverton and author biography of Kate Morton.


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It was a lot of fun to house riverton Agatha Christie come to dinner in my story. I was inspired also by English country house non-fiction: Told with a lovely turn of phrase by someone who knows how to eke out tantalising secrets and drama.

It was from a young woman making a film about the past. She wanted me to look at her sets, to remember house riverton and places from long ago.


I ignored that letter. And then I exhaled. It was not the first time I had been reminded of what happened at Riverton, to Robbie and house riverton Hartford sisters. Once I saw the tail end of a documentary on television, something Ruth was watching about war poets.

House riverton time, reading the newspaper, my eye was drawn to a familiar name in a write-up in house riverton television guide; a program celebrating seventy years of British films. I noted the time, my heart thrilling, wondering if I dared watch it. In the end I fell asleep before it finished.

The House at Riverton | Book by Kate Morton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Lucky for us war intervened and we were spared the charade. And that during the four years they were house riverton, Ruth was cared for by an elderly Anglican minister and his wife.

Later in the conversation, Ursula asks if John was killed in the war. But our marriage was.

The House at Riverton

To celebrate the revival of Riverton, Hannah and house riverton husband plan an extravagant midsummer gala. During the party Grace goes to her room and finds two letters from Hannah.


The one addressed to her is in shorthand, which Hannah mistakenly believes Grace can read, a this misunderstanding being the foundation of the strong connection between the two. Grace opens the second letter addressed to Emmeline; it is house riverton suicide note saying that Hannah will have drowned herself in the lake by the time the house riverton is read.

Grace rushes to find Emmeline, and takes her down to the lake to see if house riverton can stop Hannah. At the lake they see Hannah who passes it off as a game when questioned.

As Grace and Emmeline are about to head back to the house, Robbie emerges from the newly built summerhouse, carrying a suitcase. Emmeline thinks he has come to see her until it house riverton apparent that he and Hannah are in love, and they are going to run away house riverton.

Emmeline becomes very jealous, pulls a handgun from her jacket pocket and threatens to shoot herself.