Há muitos anos eu convivo com o universo da Turma da Mônica. Mais precisamente, desde que criei o personagem, lá pelo início dos anos 60, num pequeno. Find Turma da Monica: Cine Gibi 3 - Planos Infaliveis - Turma da Monica at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Find great deals for DVD Turma Da Monica Mônica Cine Gibi 2 Cascao Cebolinha Magali Hi-def Brazil. Shop with confidence on eBay!


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A Turma da Mônica: O Começo do Começo.

Pricipalmente, se o objetivo for vencer aquela "baixinha, golducha e dentuca" pra se tornar o dono da rua. Entao muita concentracao e divirta-se.


Da Monica, e claro! Curiosos e gozadores, ele e o Cascao se divertem comentando gibi turma monica os momentos inesqueciveis registradas nas fotos. Afinal, recordar e viver e tomar cuidado pra Monica nao aparecer.

De uma espiadinha tambem. Pois e, o plano e fazer aquilo que a Monica ate ela nao aguentar mais. Coisas que so uma mente blilhante ousaria fazer.


E para assistir e repetir. The Monica's Gang series has an extensive amount of main and secondary characters.

: Turma da Monica: Cine Gibi 3 - Planos Infaliveis - Turma da Monica: Movies & TV

Other characters from other series created by Mauricio de Sousa are also included on Monica's, making crossovers or quotations from each other in several stories,among several other characters. Most stories focus on gibi turma monica daily lives of the main characters and occasionally on the secondary characters; the humour usually uses various types of repetitions, allusions, appeals to the nonsense, paranomasias, sarcasm and metalanguage.

The stories with Monica and Jimmy Five revolve around the conflict between the two. Jimmy Five is a troublemaker and bully who always tries to scold Monica or steal her stuffed bunny to give knots in gibi turma monica ears usually having Smudge or another boy accomplicealways having Monica get her revenge by hitting him with her stuffed bunny, often leaving him bruised and with black eyes.

Often Jimmy Five makes plans against her with various traps, sometimes using Franklin's inventions or talking Smudge into helping, but he always loses to Monica at the end. Smudge's stories usually focus on his penchant for dirt and mess and gibi turma monica fear of water, without ever having taken a bath in life, and constantly being threatened by villains or his friends to take a bath whenever he gets away with a result at the end of the story.

The stories with Maggy generally focus on her gluttony, with a superhuman ability to eat more than a normal person without ever getting fat gibi turma monica sometimes stealing food from her friends.


Among the villains are Captain Fray, a supervillain with the power to control garbage and dirt, gibi turma monica Lord Raider, a space rabbit whose first appearance was in the movies.

A joke often breaks the fourth wall.

Related works[ edit ] Other related works which relate to the series are: Blu - Based on the first character of Monica's Gang it shows the character Blu as acting as gibi turma monica mere actor in a studio of comics. Chuck Billy 'n' Folks - Focuses the comic daily life of Chuck Billy, a lazy caipira boy and his friends who live on a farm in Brazil's countryside.

It is what most gibi turma monica appear in contact with Monica's Gang. Tina's Pals - Shows a daily routine of a group of teenagers and their daily lives as dating, college, among other issues.