Includes over treaties on topics such as criminal repression, methods and means of warfare, and victims of armed conflicts. Provides the. Sixth Committee (Legal) — 71st session. Status of the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions of and relating to the protection of victims of armed. protection of the Geneva Convention for the. Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded,. Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed. Forces at Sea of 12 August.


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The Commentaries are often relied upon to provide authoritative interpretation of the articles.


The first convention dealt with the treatment of wounded and sick armed forces in the field. Rather, it is used in diplomacy to mean an geneva conventions protocols agreement, or treaty.

OHCHR | Protocol II Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August

The treaties of were ratified, in whole or with reservationsgeneva conventions protocols countries. The details of applicability are spelled out in Common Articles 2 and 3. The topic of applicability has generated some controversy. Geneva conventions protocols the Geneva Conventions apply, governments have surrendered some of their national sovereignty by signing these treaties.

The Geneva Conventions of and their Additional Protocols - ICRC

Common Article geneva conventions protocols relating to international armed conflicts[ edit ] This article states that the Geneva Conventions apply to all cases of international conflict, where at least one of the warring nations have ratified the Conventions.

The Conventions apply to all cases of declared war between signatory geneva conventions protocols. Articles 76 and 77, 15 and 79 provide special protections for women, children, and civilian medical personnel, and provide measures of protection for journalists.

Article 77 forbids conscription of children under age 15 into the armed forces. It does allow, however, for persons under the age of 15 to participate voluntarily.

Protocol I

Combatant and prisoner of war status is granted to members of dissident forces when under the command of a central authority. The importance of the principle of complementarity, as well as the pivotal role of domestic jurisdictions in prosecuting war crimes, was reaffirmed. The States which had not already done so were invited to establish National Commissions with, inter alia, a capacity building and training role.

A number of delegations also highlighted the importance of the Montreux Document and of the Montreux Document forum, where issues relating to private security companies are being considered and best practices being shared. The impact of the Arms Trade Treaty on human rights and IHL was also noted, and States that had not yet ratified the treaty were geneva conventions protocols to do so.

Archived videos of plenary meetings 10th meeting geneva conventions protocols October At the same meeting, the representative of the Sudan made a geneva conventions protocols in explanation of position before action was taken on the draft resolution.

The Geneva Conventions The first Geneva Convention protects wounded and sick soldiers on land during war. This Convention represents the fourth updated version of the Geneva Convention on the wounded and sick following those adopted inand It contains 64 articles.


These provide protection for the wounded and sick, but also for medical and religious personnel, medical units and medical transports. The Convention also recognizes the distinctive emblems.

Geneva Conventions of 12 August, - UN Documents: Gathering a body of global agreements

It has two annexes containing a draft agreement relating to hospital zones and a model identity card for medical and religious personnel. The second Geneva Convention protects wounded, sick and shipwrecked military personnel at sea during war.

It closely follows the provisions geneva conventions protocols the first Geneva Convention in structure and content. It has 63 articles specifically applicable to war at sea. For example, it protects hospital ships.

Geneva conventions protocols has one annex containing a model identity card for medical and religious personnel. The third Geneva Convention applies to prisoners of war. This Convention replaced the Prisoners of War Convention of