The Muqaddimah, an introduction to history by Ibn Khaldūn; 1 edition; First Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY. THE MUQADDIMAH. Abd Ar Rahman bin Muhammed ibn Khaldun. Translated by. Franz Rosenthal. Table of Contents. Page 2. Table of Contents. Introductory. The Muqaddimah, often translated as "Introduction" or "Prolegomenon," is the most important Islamic history of the premodern world. Written by the great.


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In he moved to Egypt, where he became chief judge of Cairo and a lecturer at ebook muqaddimah adalah Azhar Mosque University. In he accompanied the Egyptians on their campaign against the Mongol warrior Tamerlane and played a role in the arrangements for the surrender of Damascus.

Ibn Khaldun gained much recognition for his seven-volume work on universal history, Kitab al-Ibar Book of Lessons. In the early stages of the state, taxes are light in their incidence, but fetch in a large revenue As time passes and ebook muqaddimah adalah succeed each other, they lose their tribal habits in favor of more civilized ones.

The Muqaddimah, an introduction to history | Open Library

Their needs and exigencies grow Hence they impose fresh taxes on their subjects Ebook muqaddimah adalah the effects on business of this rise in taxation make themselves felt. For business men are soon discouraged by the comparison of their profits with the burden of their taxes Consequently production falls off, and with it the yield of taxation.

This analysis is very similar to the modern economic concept known as the Laffer curve. Laffer ebook muqaddimah adalah not claim to have invented the concept himself, noting that the idea was present in the work of Ibn Khaldun and, more recently, John Maynard Keynes.

Historiography of ebook muqaddimah adalah Islam and Sociology in medieval Islam The Muqaddimah is also held to be a foundational work for the schools of historiographycultural historyand the philosophy of history.

The Muqaddimah an introduction to history, (eBook, ) []

Muslim historiography has at all times been united by the closest ties with the general development of scholarship in Islam, and the position of historical knowledge in MusIim education has exercised a decisive influence upon the intellectual level of historical writing The Muslims achieved a definite advance beyond previous historical writing in the sociological understanding of history ebook muqaddimah adalah the systematisation of historiography.

The development of modern historical writing seems to have gained considerably in speed and substance through the utilization of a Muslim Literature which enabled western historians, from the seventeenth century on, to see a large section of the world through foreign eyes.

The Muslim historiography helped indirectly and modestly to shape present day historical thinking. In this criticism, he approached the past as strange and in need of interpretation. The originality of Ibn Khaldun was to claim that the cultural difference of another age must govern the evaluation of relevant historical material, to distinguish the ebook muqaddimah adalah according to which it might be possible to attempt the evaluation, and lastly, to feel the need for ebook muqaddimah adalah, in addition to rational principles, in order to assess a culture of the past.


Ibn Khaldun often criticized "idle superstition and uncritical acceptance of historical data". Ebook muqaddimah adalah a result, he introduced a scientific method to the study of history, which was considered something "new to his age", and he often referred to it as his "new science", now associated with historiography.

The Muqaddimah an introduction to history,

It is a theory, an analysis and justification about the creatures and their principles, and a science of how the incidents happen and their reasons" "Myths have nothing to do with history and should be refuted" "To build strong historical records, the historian should ebook muqaddimah adalah on necessary rules for the truth comparison" Philosophy of history[ edit ebook muqaddimah adalah Ibn Khaldun is considered a pioneer of the philosophy of history.

It can be regarded as the earliest attempt made by any historian to discover a pattern in the changes that occur in man's political and social organization.


Rational in its approach, ebook muqaddimah adalah in its method, encyclopaedic in detail, it represents an almost complete departure from traditional historiography, discarding conventional concepts and cliches and seeking, beyond the mere chronicle of events, an explanation—and hence a philosophy of history.

Khaldun was ebook muqaddimah adalah concerned with the effect of raising the standard of evidence when confronted with uncomfortable claims, and relaxing it when given claims that seemed reasonable or comfortable.

He was a jurist, and sometimes participated reluctantly in rulings that he felt were coerced, based on arguments he did not respect.