History of Dominican Republic, experience the modern and ancient historic past events, people and governments of Dominican Republic - Lonely Planet. HISTORY OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. The eastern half of the island of Hispaniola, now known as the Dominican Republic, is the earliest of all the European colonies in the western hemisphere. The settlement of Santo Domingo is established on the south coast in by Diego Columbus, younger brother of the explorer. The Dominican Republic was explored by Columbus on his first voyage in He named it La Española, and his son, Diego, was its first viceroy. The capital, Santo Domingo, founded in , is the oldest European settlement in the Western Hemisphere.


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Dominican Republic

Haiti achieves some degree of stability under Jean Pierre Boyer, who wins power after the death of Henri Christophe in Two years later Boyer invades and overwhelms the eastern half of the island, Santo Domingo, where the inhabitants have in risen in rebellion against Spain.

Boyer rules French-speaking Dominican republic history, and governs Spanish-speaking Santo Domingo dominican republic history a conquered province, until he is overthrown in a revolution in The upheaval of that year also gives Santo Domingo the chance to throw off the yoke of Haiti.

The eastern half of the island proclaims its independence, as the Dominican Republic, in Hispaniolathe oldest European colony in the western hemisphere, becomes also the first region to be free.

From to the nation even returns voluntarily to the status of a Dominican republic history colony.


A third of the city lay in ruins and almost all dominican republic history its civic, military and religious buildings had been either damaged or destroyed.

During his occupation of Santo Dominican republic history, Drake sent a black boy with a message to the governor. A Hidalgo who was standing by considered this an insult and ran the boy through with his sword. He told the governor that he would hang two more friars every day until the murderer had been executed.

The murderer was hanged by his own countrymen.

Dominican Republic country profile - BBC News

InChristopher Newport attacked the town of Azua on the bay of Ocoa, which was taken and plundered. The Dutch responded by sourcing new salt supplies from Spanish America where colonists were more than happy to trade. The settlements of La Yaguana, and Bayaja, on the west and north coasts respectively of modern-day Haiti were burned, as were the settlements of Monte Cristi and Puerto Plata on the north coast and San Dominican republic history de la Maguana in the south western area of the modern day Dominican Republic.

The withdrawal of the colonial government from the northern coastal region opened the way for French buccaneerswho had a base on Tortuga Islandoff the northwest coast of present-day Haiti, to settle on Hispaniola in the mid-seventeenth century.

Although the Spanish destroyed the dominican republic history settlements several times, the determined French would not be deterred or expelled.

History of the Dominican Republic - Wikipedia

Intermittent warfare went on between French and Spanish settlers over the next three decades; however, Dominican republic history, hard-pressed by warfare in Europe, could not maintain a garrison in Santo Domingo sufficient to secure the entire island against encroachment.

Inunder the Treaty of RyswickSpain ceded the western third of the island to France. A Spanish defending force of perhaps — men, mostly militia, repulsed a landing force of 9, men. Madrid sought to contest such encroachments by using Santo Domingo as an advance dominican republic history base, but Spanish power was by now too depleted to expel the rival colonies.

History of Dominican Republic

The dominican republic history itself was furthermore subjected to a smallpox epidemic, cacao blight, and hurricane dominican republic history ; another storm two years later; a second epidemic in ; a third hurricane in September ; plus an earthquake in May that killed two dozen residents.

With little to show for it, this policy of armed harassment added more public expense to a weak colonial economy, and the financial recovery of the Spanish colony in the eighteenth century led to increased slave insurrections and marronage.

Eighteenth century[ edit ] The House of Bourbon replaced the House of Habsburg in Spain in and introduced economic reforms that dominican republic history began to revive trade in Santo Domingo.

The crown progressively relaxed the rigid controls and restrictions on commerce between Spain and the colonies and among the colonies.

The last flotas sailed in ; the monopoly port system was abolished shortly thereafter.

Dominican Republic| History, Geography, & Culture |

By the middle of the century, the population was bolstered by emigration from the Canary Islandsresettling the northern part of the colony and planting tobacco in the Cibao Valleyand importation of slaves was renewed.

The population of Santo Domingo grew from about 6, in to approximatelyin Of this number, about 40, were white landowners, about 25, were mulatto freedmen, and some 60, were slaves. However, it remained poor and neglected, particularly in contrast with its western, French neighbor Saint-Dominguewhich became dominican republic history wealthiest colony in the New World and had half dominican republic history million inhabitants.


In our veins runs the blood of the heroic dominican republic history who won this island of ours with sword and blood. During this period, Spanish privateers from Santo Domingo sailed into enemy ports looking for ships to plunder, thus harming commerce with Britain and New Dominican republic history.

In the people rebelled but the USA intervened.