Types of Lamps. 1. TYPES OF LAMPS Suhail TP MES Collage of Engineering; 2. Light sources • Incandescent lamp • Discharge lamp. Pages in category "Types of lamp" A-series light bulb. Ancient Roman oil lamp. Anglepoise lamp. Arc lamp. Argon flash. Aroma lamp. Types of Lamps and Lighting. Types of Light. Incandescence. When solids and liquids are heated, they emit visible radiation at temperatures above 1, K; this is known as incandescence. Electric discharge. Types of Luminescence. Evolution of Electric Lamps. Performance Criteria. Main lamp types. Incandescent lamps.


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Different Type of Lamps for Luminous

LEDs produce more light than incandescent lamps and help save energy in energy-conserving devices. These diodes can emit light of an intended color without the use of color filters.

The initial cost of a LED is generally high and these are used to build electronic projects. Fluorescent Tube Fluorescent Tube A fluorescent tube is a gas discharge tube that different types of lamps a fluorescence to produce visible light.


Luminous efficiency of a fluorescent tube is about 45 to lumens per watt. Compared with the incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes use less power for the same amount of light, and are usually more complex and expensive than the incandescent lamps.

Types of Lamps and Lighting

Fluorescent lamps do not have good color representation ability, but these tubes are cool in appearance and color. Fluorescent tubes can be used in many places around a home,but cannot be used with dimmers.

Neon Different types of lamps Neon Lamps A neon lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that contains gas at low pressure. It different types of lamps assembled by mounting two electrodes within a small glass envelop.

Standard brightness bulbs are filled with an argon or neon gas mixture, and high-brightness lamps are filled with a pure neon gas.

When a voltage is applied, then the gas ionizes and starts to different types of lamps allowing a very small current to travel from one electrode to the other electrode. High Intensity Discharge Lamps High Intensity Discharge Lamps Metal halide, mercury vapor, self-ballasted-mercury lamps and high-pressure-sodium lamps all are high intensity discharge lamps.

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These lamps are specially designed with inner glass tubes that include tungsten electrodes with electrical arc. This inner glass different types of lamps is filled with both metals and gas. With the immunity of the self-ballasted lamps, auxiliary equipment starters and ballasts must be provided for proper operation of each bulb.

These lamps produce a large quantity of light compared to the fluorescent and incandescent different types of lamps. High-intensity-discharge lamps are normally used when high levels of light are required over large areas which include outdoor activity areas, gymnasiums, large public areas, pathways, roadways and parking lots.

Low Pressure Sodium Lamps Low-pressure-sodium lamp is the first sodium lamp which has the maximum efficiency than all the other lighting systems.


These lamps operate much like a fluorescent lamp and there is a brief heat up period for the lamp to reach full brightness. Low pressure sodium lamps are commonly used in places like roads, pathways, outdoor areas and parking lot wherein color is not important as such.

Low Pressure Different types of lamps Lamps Thus, this is all about different types of lights or different types of lamps which are used for indication purpose in electronic project kitsand in lighting systems as well.

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