Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. THE CANTONMENTS ACT, (ACT NO. II OF ). [16th February, ]. 2. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of. Full text containing the act, Cantonments Act, , with all the sections, schedules, short title, enactment date, and footnotes.


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Substituted by Act 15 ofsection 21, for "belonging to the Board" w.

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Removal of members 1[ 1 The [Central Government] may remove from a Board any member thereof who- a becomes 2[or is found to have been at the time of his election or nomination] subject, to any of the disqualifications specified in sub- section 2 of section 27 3[or in section 28]; or b has absented himself for more than three consecutive months from the meetings of the Board and is unable to explain such absence to the satisfaction of the Board.

Substituted by Act 26 ofsection 4, for cantonment act 1924 original sub-section. Inserted by Act 15 ofsection 6. Substituted by Act 31 ofsection 4, for "or in sub-section cantonment act 1924 of section.

Inserted by Act 2 ofsection Inserted by Act 31 ofsection 4.


Certain words omitted by Act 15 ofsection 22 w. Consequences of removal 1 A member removed under clause b of sub-section 1 [or under sub-section 2A ] of section 34 shall, if otherwise qualified, be eligible cantonment act 1924 re-election or re-nomination.

Substituted by Act 26 ofsection 5, for the original section Inserted by Act 15 ofsection 23 w.


Disqualification of person as servant of Board 1 No person who has directly or indirectly by himself or his partner any share or interest cantonment act 1924 a contract with, by or on behalf of a 1[Board], or in any employment under, by or on behalf a 1[Board], otherwise than as a servant of the1[Board], shall become or remain a servant of such 1[Board].

Inserted by Act 7 ofsection 5. Meetings 1 Every Board shall ordinarily hold at least one meeting in every month on such day as may be fixed, and of which notice shall be given in such cantonment act 1924 as may be provided, by regulations made by the Board under this Chapter.

Business cantonment act 1924 be transacted Subject to any regulation made by the Board under this Chapter, any business may be transacted at any meeting: Provided that no business relating to the imposition, abolition or modification of any tax shall be transacted at a meeting unless notice of the same and of the date fixed therefore has been sent to each member not less than seven cantonment act 1924 before that date.

Quorum 1 The quorum cantonment act 1924 for the transaction of business at a meeting of a Board 1[in which there is more than one elected member] shall be five or one-half of the number of members of the Board actually holding office at the time, whichever is the greater number: Inserted by Act 15 ofsection 25, w.


Presiding Officer In the absence of-- a both the President and the Vice-President from any meeting of a Board in which there is more than one elected member, b the President from a meeting of a Board constituted under sub-section 5 of section 13 or sub-section 1 of section 14, the members present shall elect one from among their own number to preside.

Substituted cantonment act 1924 Act 24 ofsection 15, for the original section. Minutes 1 Minutes of the proceedings of each meeting shall cantonment act 1924 recorded in a book and shall be signed by 1[the person presiding over the meeting] before the close of the meeting and shall, at such times and in such place as may be fixed by the Board, be open to inspection free of charge by any inhabitant of the cantonment.

Substituted by Act 15 ofsection 26, for certain words w. Inserted by Act 35 ofsection 3.

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In the larger cantonments the existing cantonment committee cantonment act 1924 be replaced by a cantonment Board which will be municipal in character and an essentially local self- Government body. They will also be empowered to make bye-laws to govern local matters of administration which require different treatment in different contonments.

An official majority will, however, be maintained. In his place an "executive officer" will be cantonment act 1924.

He will be paid by Government. He will perform, amongst other things, the duties of Secretary of the Board and he will have no judicinl powers or functions.

The non-official members of the Committee desire to express the following opinion on two questions of administration connected with the policy which the Bill seeks to introduce. They hold very strongly that the ultimate control of cantonment administration under the reformed system should be exercised by the Government of India in the Army Department, cantonment act 1924 not by any executive military authority.

They also hold that the executive officer, though he may be a military officer subordinate to the Army Department, should be like the Cantonment Magistrate of the present, be an officer in civil employ. It is recongnized that it would be inappropriate to embody in the Bill provisions on these two cantonment act 1924