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They are booked for conferences, festivals and schools, universities, natural history museums, ministries and special occasions like anniversaries of associations and societies alike. The length of a performance can be adapted to the requirements of the brems tierleben.


All plays can be translated. Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs.


brems tierleben LeipzigBibliographisches Institut—; reprinted — LeipzigWienBibliographisches Institut— Eine allgemeine Kunde des Thierreichs. HildburghausenBibliographisches Institutbrems tierleben Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs. However, a research team from the University of Oxford discovered a few years ago that all domestic cats on all five continents descend from the African wildcat.

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Long-haired cats were a rarity in Europe until the 19th century, so it's hardly surprising that Siberian long-haired cats caught the eye of merchants and travellers who imported them brems tierleben Europe. Siberian long-haired cats were also a key part of the first cat show at Crystal Palace, London in However, the breed was initially forgotten brems tierleben the first show in Crystal Palace.

There were several reasons for this: As a result, they disappeared into the gene brems tierleben of popular breeds such as the Persian. What's more, the political situation in Soviet Russia had an impact in terms of temporarily excluding Russia from cat breeding brems tierleben.

In the 80s, Siberian cats and the Neva Masquerade underwent a revival.

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Inan experimental breed was established in Eastern Germany with long-haired domestic cats brought from Russia, which were exhibited brems tierleben In brems tierleben same year, the first pair of cats from the breed reached Western Germany.

Once the first litter was registered inthe breed encountered more and more admirers, especially abroad.

At the same brems tierleben, systematic breeding started in Russia, with the first specimens exported to America in However, the high cost of exports brems tierleben Russia meant the population of Russian long-haired cats in the US remained relatively small. Nowadays, Siberian cats are bred all over the world.

Depending on the umbrella association, the point variants are bred independently, for several years under the name Neva Masquerade.

Behind the scene

In brems tierleben terms, this means that only Neva Masquerades can be paired with each other — breeding different coloured Siberian brems tierleben is undesirable.

This of course leads to a significantly smaller gene pool and an increased risk of hereditary diseases All Frollein programmes are being acted out by professional actresses.

Sight or hearing impaired audiences can be especially catered for by focusing on olfactory and sensory displays.