Tribebook: Black Furies is the revised Tribebook for the Black Furies in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Contents[show] Summary From the White Wolf Catalogue: My  Edited By‎: ‎Aileen E. Miles. Changeling the Dreaming, Werewolf the Wild West, Tribebook Black Furies, A World of Rage, and. Werewolf Players Guide are trademarks of White Wolf. Tribebook: Black Furies (Revised) - My Sister's Keeper Since the dawn of civilization, the Black Furies have been a tightly-knit sisterhood.


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What this means for the tribe at large remains to be seen.

Black Furies

The Outer Calyx is comprised of members that are black furies tribebook by chance officially and consist of thirteen members. These thirteen dictate Fury orthodoxy and set tribal customs.


The Inner Black furies tribebook is much more secretive and comprised of five members, each mirroring one of the original Medusae. No one knows how the members of the Inner Calyx are chosen, some speculate that Luna herself has a hand in it.

Tribebook: Black Furies

Camps are referred to as kukloi, or "circles", among Black Furies. The Amazons of Diana are a group of Furies that are more concerned with being brash, unstoppable warrior black furies tribebook than avengers.


This camp is rarely seen as a formal group and is more a catch all for those black furies tribebook dedicated to rightly proving themselves the equal of any man in combat against the Wyrm. Some within the camp see it as black furies tribebook to bring the Furies into the 21th century and away from their pointless and archaic practice of pursuing criminals.

The Avenging Mother is black furies tribebook very small subsect that works to bring the patriarchical structures of the Garou Nation and Tribes like the Silver Fangs down by exploiting their trust.

In contrast, the Bacchantes are a faction that pursues the purpose of avenging wrongs against women with fanatical zeal.

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Black furies tribebook believe that in doing so, they fight the hold of the Wyrm over humanity. The Freebooters' mission is to find new Wyld places that can be consecrated to Gaia and made into caerns. The kuklos is shrinking because there are so few Wyld places in the world.

A fraction of Freebooters believe they need to find a black furies tribebook body for Gaia elsewhere in the Umbrasomewhere the Wyrm has not yet found. Moon-Daughters seek to spread Gaia's words through New Age paganism, and they push themselves to keep Gaia's spirit alive through change, embodying the force of the Wyld as best they can.

Order of Our Merciful Mother: Acting subtle to bring dogma closer to a version that respects Gaia, the Order works to reform mortal society by utilizing their own tools against them.

The Sisterhood manages the various Kinfolk networks of the Tribe, offering succor to them and informing other Tribe members when a Black furies tribebook has been wronged by Man's hands. They are also adept at gathering resources for the Tribe to use. The Temple of Artemis is among the oldest kukloi.

They counsel a withdrawal from the Garou Nation, and rededicating the Furies to their original purpose as the avengers of women. See, the book focuses on two primary flavor sources for the Black Furies: Hermetic mysticism and feminism. Words are tools of the Namer and baby talk is the one true language.

See, I told you things were going to pick up! Black Furies Chapter 1: Black furies tribebook Claws Part 1 First thing we get in this chapter black furies tribebook an apology for how bad it is.

Always a good sign.


Back to the subject of writing. Pure thought is wordless. It comes out of the Wyld. Ask an infant sometime, or a wolf.

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