The result: The Black Book of Buried Secrets. Nothing is held back. It contains the top secret locations of all the branches' strong holds around. A guide to the characters and situations in "The 39 Clues" outlines the Cahills' secrets, including hidden facts, strategies, agents, lost founders, secret bases, and. Read an excerpt from The Black Book of Buried Secrets to uncover more 39 Clues Cahill family secrets.


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The Black Book of Buried Secrets

Like I've said in the past, I think the 39 Clues series is a great one for getting black book of buried secrets interested in history and historical figures. It tells just enough about them to whet the appetite and leave kids and adults anxious for more.

I've got several people that I don't remember hearing about that I'm going to be reading up on thanks to this book. There were two parts of this book that I enjoyed above black book of buried secrets others - the introduction, written by Rick Riordan and telling the story of the first face to face meeting of the Cahills responsible for putting the story of the 39 Clues out there in the hopes of protecting Amy and Dan.

It was a fun read and I loved having a different look at the authors. The other were the agent reports.


Written as short vignettes rather than factual information blurbs, it helped bring the reader back into the world of the 39 Clues very easily. But then again, I really like good fiction.

The black book of buried secrets

I would definitely suggest waiting until after you've read the first ten books black book of buried secrets picking up The Black Book of Buried Secrets, unless you don't mind being spoiled.

It doesn't give away every little bit but it does have some pretty major spoilers throughout. Broderick Wizard Broderick was not born into the Janus branch. He only learned about the Cahills and the Clues after he married Cora.

However, as Jonah's manager, Broderick had plenty to keep him busy apart from the Clue hunt. Cora had little interest in their superstar son's dazzling career, so she left it up to Broderick. However, everything changed after the Clue hunt. Cora disowned Jonah and, after years of following Cora's lead, Broderick took a stand.

His chose his son over his wife. For centuries, humans have used pigeons to send messages. Black book of buried secrets World War I, a brave carrier pigeon, Cher Ami, was even awarded the Croix de Guerre medal after delivering a message that saved the lives of almost trapped soldiers. However, the Janus were the first to equip black book of buried secrets with cameras to take spy photos of important Clue locations, whether enemy strongholds or their own bases.

When the other branches learned that there might be a Clue hidden in Neuschwanstein Castle, the Janus dispatched fleets of spy pigeons to photograph the area and monitor their enemies' movements.

For centuries, there were rumors that Lahauri hid a Clue inside the Taj Mahal but, in recent years, top Cahill agents discovered that the Black book of buried secrets was actually inside another one of Lahauri's monuments - the Red Ford in Delhi.

Crest The Lucian crest has changed black book of buried secrets the years, but its central image has remained the same. The symbol for the Lucian branch has always been a double-headed snake.

Like their favorite animal, Lucians value stealth and sneak attacks. Sometimes, victims don't even know they're a target until Lucian poison is seeping through their veins. She was one of the most successful Clue hunters of her time, tracking leads all over east Asia.

Despite her long list of crimes, she negotiated a deal with the Chinese government that allowed her to keep her stolen treasure and continue searching for Clues.

Gustave Eiffel Architecture is generally an Ekaterina profession. However, Gustave Eiffel combined design genius with a Lucian's cunning ambition. He built structures all over the world that became important Lucian bases. Eiffel's most famous works are the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.


Poison Rings Poison rings have always been a favorite among royal Lucians, or those serving as advisers to kings and queens. With their tiny injector needles, poison rings only work when agents can get close to their victims.