This film, which an adaptation from a novel with the same title tells a story from 2 different perspective about Muslim and Islam living in Europe. One side of story. A continuation of the previous film 99 Light in the Sky Europe. In addition to revealing the secret history of the development of Islam in parts of Europe especially. 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa: Perjalanan Menapak Jejak Islam di Eropa.


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October 30, Location: Indonesia Budget of Film: The film shows that Europe also has strong Islamic civilization.

In terms of shootingthe film includes also successful when doing so abroad. The role of the players are also very attached to each character played.

This film was made to be continued.


Due to the ending of the film has not yet reached climaxs. Though this film featuring a prologue. Maybe the reason the filmmakers created the story to be continued before reaching the climax of the film so that the viewers curious about the 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa part 2.

Baca 99 cahaya di langit eropa film tells of the experience of an Indonesian journalist who was accompanying her husband through college doctorate in Vienna, Austria.

A Review on movie 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa | EDO ADIANTO RAMADHAN -

Tells how they adapt, to meet with various friends until finally baca 99 cahaya di langit eropa them to traces of Islam in continental Europe by the Turks in the era Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha of the Ottoman Empire.

In addition to revealing the secret history of the development of Islam in parts of Europe, especially CordobaIstanbuland Turkey.

Parts of the film is to answer some of the things that is complementary end of the story such as friendship between Khan with Baca 99 cahaya di langit eropa previously often hostile, meeting again with Fatma Pasha in Turkey previously disappeared without the news and ended the sweetness of educational trips Rangga with Maarja presence in their lives in Europe.

Europe does not just teach them about life knowledge, but also pursue the Divine formula of diversity and enduring convictions. A tale of wanderings in discovering the secrets of the great human civilization thousands of years ago.

Finding Islamnot only the faith and yet the practice. This is the end of the story Hanum and Rangga in Europe which led them to pursuit of meaning the Ruth.

Identification of Work Genre: Sudah tak terhitung berapa orang turis di katedral Palermo baca 99 cahaya di langit eropa berjubel-jubel harus menabrak tubuhnya yang menghalangi sebagian badan jalan masuk gereja.

99 Cahaya Di Langit Eropa Part 1 — The Movie Database (TMDb)

Dia masih terus menatap pilar putih di depan katedral kota para mafioso Eropa itu. Photo courtesy of Maxima Pictures People see what they baca 99 cahaya di langit eropa to see. Therefore, they believe what they want to believe. At the press conference in Jakarta on Friday, Hanum said she was approached by many production houses who wanted to turn it into a major motion picture.

Alex Abbad sebagai Khan, pemuda Muslim asal Pakistan yang merupakan teman kuliah doktorat sekaligus teman dekat Rangga.