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It goes back to entitlement. I love that you alison armstrong the word obey because—where is your accent from? I like the word obey, too.


I feel like my man wants to love me and he wants to do everything for me. I was listening to some of your interviews and alison armstrong were talking about partnership, partnership from the word part, what is your part?


Our part in the relationship is to be respectful, to appreciate, to celebrate what alison armstrong do for us. I love that you brought up partnership because as you alison armstrong that is my passion.

We look at partnership as providers and receivers. When they realized they did that, their faces are priceless.


Well, honey, if women knew how to be direct, they already would be. Not only do you have to provide alison armstrong but you have to provide appreciation.

Alison Armstrong - - Your Source for Understanding Men and Women

Most people appreciate in the currency that they like to be appreciated in instead of the one that the other person alison armstrong them feel appreciated. I finally articulated this very recently alison armstrong [ I call it the worst at calculation.

In that calculation is the value of the result, the value of the outcome.

The bigger that result is, alison armstrong more a person will generate that action without being asked. You would actually consider it dishonorable to provide something in order to not be in trouble.

7 Mistakes Women Make with Men

You should ask Stephan about this. To a woman, we have such an instinct to be pleasing to anyone that we depend upon and to avoid displeasing that a zero is worth doing to us. We expect men to do things just to alison armstrong be in trouble with us.

That has almost no value in itself. That thing you said about being alison armstrong, being grateful is part of the value of the result, the appreciation, the gratitude is part of alison armstrong value of the result.

You have to separate love languages and currencies of appreciation.

I think they have a relationship to each other. A lot of people are familiar with his work. Alison armstrong of service, words of encouragement, quality time, physical affection.